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Buying a home in Italy

To buy the house is always very important step, so what are the first one to be able to realize your dream?

First, check if the property in question has irregularities on the cadastral and building aspect. Another aspect that is very important , if there’re mortgages affecting the property.

Second, estimate the total cost that includes

the price agreed between the parties

Expenses supported by the notary for deal, usually calculated on the basis of the cadastral income. Type of payment. The cost of the registration tax equal to 9% of the cadastral value for the second home and 2% for the first home or VAT if the new building is purchased from a construction company are also part of the buyer's expense, except in cases where company decides to apply the registration tax.

How to calculate cadastral value?

Cadastral value is calculated through the coefficient of the cadastral categories and the pre-established formula

Cadastral income X 5% (revaluation) X coefficient based on the cadastral category.

You can find cadastral income on cadastral survey


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